Photographer Li Wei 's first documentary film
HEXIGTEN are included in 2016 Inner Mongolia Film Week and 2017 Beijing Ethnographic Film Festival



这部电影的主要人物是两位蒙古族牧民,宝音达来和阿拉腾德力格尔。他们生活在内蒙古赤峰市克什克腾旗贡格尔草原。为了保护铁蹄马,一种 著名的蒙古马,俩人借钱共同培育了一群铁蹄马。影片细致描述了两户牧民家庭一年四季的日常生活,草原上优美的景色,奔驰的马群和温顺的牛羊。他们的生活中 也蕴含了质朴的环保理念。

The film’s main characters are two Mongolian herdsmen, Baoyindalai and Alatengdeliger. They live on Kungl prairie , In Hexigten Banner. In order to protect the Baicha horse, They borrowed money. The film describes the life of the four seasons of the year, describes the scenery of the grassland, describes the horses and cattle and sheep. The film is full of the idea of environmental protection.






All Photos Copyright by Li Wei